Clive Doyle


It was never a decision-making process, choosing what style to shoot in. For me it just makes sense to shoot in a natural and real way - it's instinctively personal, intuitively pleasing - it's honest in its simplicity whilst being artistically creative.

With over a decade of experience now, working for design and ad agencies, restaurants, hotels, food companies and other related businesses, I'm confident on getting it right every time. When working with clients I'm constantly aware of our shared goals - we're reflecting the business, showing products in the most beautiful way, and appealing to their target market, which means an understanding of audience. 

It's a cliché these days to say that you 'live and breathe' your industry, but for me photography really is what I know, what I do and what I love. I understand and never dismiss what's 'now', yet I understand the classic too, and how we got to this point. I bring with me to each and every shoot this experience, knowledge, drive and love of taking photos for clients - and I'm told its reflected in the end result.



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